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20 Essential French Slang Words Every Learner Should Know

Are you an aspiring French learner trying to level up your language game? If you want to sound more like a native French speaker, mastering slang words is key. In this article, we will take a look at a YouTube video that presents 20 essential French slang words that every learner should know.

The Importance of Learning Slang Words

Slang words are the informal language that people use in everyday conversations. They are the words that you won’t find in textbooks, but you’ll hear them on the streets and in movies. Learning slang words is important because it helps you understand the culture and the people better. It also helps you sound more natural and less like a textbook when you speak.

How to Use These Slang Words

The video explains each slang word in detail, including its meaning and usage. The presenter gives examples of how each word can be used in a sentence and provides context to help learners understand the words better.


For example, I explain that “les fringues” means “clothes” and can be used in the sentence “J’aime bien tes fringues” (I like your clothes).


Learning slang words is an essential part of mastering any language, and French is no exception. By mastering these 20 essential French slang words, learners can improve their understanding of the language, its culture, and its people. So, if you want to sound more like a native French speaker, give the YouTube video “20 Essential French Slang Words” a watch and start incorporating these words into your vocabulary today!



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