French Test B2 Level: 20 Expressions to Know

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French Test B2 Level: Exploring French Expressions in a Quiz

If you’re eager to elevate your French language skills, understanding common expressions is essential for achieving fluency. In a captivating video titled “Learn French with 10 Common Expressions,” we, the team at OuiTeach, invite you to embark on a linguistic adventure designed to assess your proficiency level.

We introduce the quiz, comprising 10 expressions carefully curated to evaluate proficiency levels, particularly targeting those at the B2 level. Before we proceed, we encourage you to grab a pen and paper to actively participate by jotting down your answers.



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Expression Evaluation

Throughout the video, we present each expression, followed by three potential interpretations. From “mettre les points sur les i” to “faire une fleur à quelqu’un,” we challenge you to select the correct meaning for each expression. Through engaging narration, we provide insights into the nuances of French expressions, fostering a deeper understanding among participants.
So, without further ado, let’s dive into the quiz!

Question 1: “mettre les points sur les i”
This expression signifies:

  1. A) Firmly explaining something
  2. B) Applying focus while writing
  3. C) Speaking rapidly

Question 2: “prendre son mal en patience”
Does this expression mean:

  1. A) Acting swiftly
  2. B) Accepting a difficult situation
  3. C) Complaining about pain

Question 3: “jeter l’éponge”
What does this expression entail:

  1. A) Giving up
  2. B) Efficient cleaning
  3. C) Offering bad advice

Question 4: “faire le pont”
Could this mean:

  1. A) Working until morning
  2. B) Taking a day off between a holiday and the weekend
  3. C) Constructing a bridge

Question 5: “mettre les bouchées doubles”
Does this expression denote:

  1. A) Assisting someone
  2. B) Eating excessively
  3. C) Accelerating the pace of work

Question 6: “faire un pied de nez”
Could this expression signify:

  1. A) Mocking someone
  2. B) Being unpleasant to someone
  3. C) Giving a gift to someone

Question 7: “avoir un poil dans la main”
Does this mean:

  1. A) Being hairy
  2. B) Being lazy
  3. C) Being very busy

Question 8: “passer l’arme à gauche”
What does this expression imply:

  1. A) Dying
  2. B) Giving a weapon to someone
  3. C) Abandoning an activity

Question 9: “prendre les devants” Could this mean:

  1. A) Overtaking in a car
  2. B) Anticipating, acting before others
  3. C) Waiting for others to act first

Question 10: “faire une fleur à quelqu’un”Does this expression mean:

  1. A) Giving flowers
  2. B) Playing a joke on someone
  3. C) Doing a favor for someone

If you’ve diligently noted down your responses, let’s proceed to the correction phase.

B2 French Test

French Test B2 Level: Correction Time

1) “mettre les points sur les i” – Correct answer: A) Firmly explaining something

2) “prendre son mal en patience” – Correct answer: B) Accepting a difficult situation

3) “jeter l’éponge” – Correct answer: A) Giving up

4) “faire le pont” – Correct answer: B) Taking a day off between a holiday and the weekend

5) “mettre les bouchées doubles” – Correct answer: C) Accelerating the pace of work

6) “faire un pied de nez” – Correct answer: A) Mocking someone

7) “avoir un poil dans la main” – Correct answer: B) Being lazy

8) “passer l’arme à gauche” – Correct answer: A) Dying

9) “prendre les devants” – Correct answer: B) Anticipating, acting before others

10) “faire une fleur à quelqu’un” – Correct answer: C) Doing a favor for someone


B2 French Test Correction

French Test B2 Level: Final Words

Now that we’ve gone through the answers, tally up your score and share it with us in the comments below. We are eager to hear how you fared!

We hope you enjoyed this quiz and found it both challenging and enlightening. Remember to hit the like button if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel, OuiTeach, for more engaging content on learning French. Don’t forget to ring the notification bell to stay updated on our latest releases.

Until next time, keep learning and exploring the beauty of the French language! 

Au revoir et à bientôt sur OuiTeach!

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