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Are you looking to learn some new words related to restaurants in French? Then this video is for you! In it, we take a look at a few key terms that will help make your dining experiences in France that much more enjoyable. So whether you’re ordering food, sitting down at a table, or just trying to be polite, be sure to watch this video and learn some essential restaurant vocabulary in French!

When you go to a French restaurant, there are certain words and phrases you need to know in order to be able to order food and drinks. This article will teach you the basics of French restaurant vocabulary so that you can feel more comfortable when dining out in France.

The first word you need to learn is “menu.” This is the French word for “menu,” and it is pronounced “muh-noo.” The menu is a list of the dishes that are available at the restaurant. When you go to a French restaurant, the waiter will usually give you a copy of the menu.

Another important word to know is “à la carte.” This means “by the course.” When a dish is listed as “à la carte,” it means that you can order it one course at a time, instead of ordering it as part of a set meal.



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