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Unveiling Alternative Expressions of Love and stop saying “je t’aime” in French

Love is a complex and beautiful emotion that often finds expression in the words we use. In a recent OuiTeach video titled “Stop Saying I Love You!,” In this video we discuss various alternatives to the traditional phrase “Je t’aime.” Let’s delve into these alternatives and explore the nuances of expressing affection.



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Traditional Ways of Expressing Love

The Power of “Je t’aime” in French

In the video, the educators emphasize the significance of the classic expression “je t’aime” in romantic relationships. However, they point out that this phrase is reserved for intense romantic feelings and may not be suitable for expressing appreciation in other contexts.

Adding Nuance with “Je t’aime bien” and “Je l’adore” in French

To express appreciation for someone without crossing romantic boundaries, the educators suggest using phrases like “je t’aime bien” and “je l’adore.” These expressions convey a sense of liking or fondness without the intensity of romantic love.

Love Beyond Romance – Extending “Je t’aime”

The educators highlight that “je t’aime” extends beyond romantic relationships. It can also be used for expressing affection towards friends, family, and even professionals like hairdressers, doctors, or mechanics.

Alternative Expressions of Love

Poetic Declarations of Love

The video introduces poetic and heartfelt alternatives to the traditional “I love you.” These expressions allow individuals to convey deep emotions with creativity.

“Mon cœur bat pour toi” – My Heart Beats for You

One poetic expression presented is “mon cœur bat pour toi,” signifying the strong emotional impact of love. This phrase beautifully captures the intensity of romantic feelings.

“Tu es l’amour de ma vie” – You Are the Love of My Life

Another powerful declaration, “tu es l’amour de ma vie,” conveys a profound and lasting love. This phrase goes beyond a simple “I love you” and expresses a deeper connection.

“Je suis épris de toi” – I Am Enamored with You

For those who appreciate a more sophisticated language of love, “je suis épris de toi” conveys a sense of being enamored. This phrase adds a touch of elegance to declarations of affection.

Je t'aime in French

Playful and Informal Expressions

Using Animal Names for Affection

The educators highlight the French tradition of using animal names as terms of endearment. These expressions add a playful and affectionate touch to declarations of love.

“Ma biche,” “Mon lapin,” “Ma poule” – Animal-Inspired Affection

Expressions like “ma biche,” “mon lapin,” and “ma poule” are commonly used to express affection between partners. These terms create a sense of intimacy and playfulness in relationships.

“Mon chouchou” – A Sweet Twist with Vegetables

In a surprising turn, the video introduces the use of vegetable names as terms of endearment, such as “mon chou” or even “mon chouchou.” This adds a unique and lighthearted element to expressions of love.


In conclusion, our video provides a delightful exploration of alternative ways to express love beyond the traditional “Je t’aime.” Whether through poetic phrases or playful animal-inspired terms, language becomes a powerful tool for conveying the depth and diversity of our emotions. Next time you want to express your affection, consider these alternatives and add a touch of creativity to your declarations of love. Remember, expressing love comes in many forms, and finding the right words can make all the difference.

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